Committed to Candidates and Employers

About Us

We believe that Recruitment must work for both Candidates and Employers. VH was developed to solve the problems faced by Employers when looking for Candidates; and by Candidates when looking for Jobs. It starts with making searching obsolete because time is better used for more important stuff. When Employers and Candidates find each other, it continues with Alignment.

Together, let's make Recruitment more intelligent!

What We Do

We have built VH for Employers to find candidates that match their criteria and culture.
We've taken the entire recruitment process; and broken it down into pieces. Our solutions are built to help Employers to focus their time only on the Candidates that really fit. Finding the right Candidates is the starting point! However, we realize that we can't help Employers unless we also help Candidates fit. We've created VH Community because we believe Candidates would better use their time preparing for jobs to find them than looking for jobs.




VH Hashtags


We help the job find you !

Employers need to match your skills and personality with their criteria and company culture. At VH, our job is to create the best conditions for employers to find you and invite you for interviews. That's why VH is #BEFOUND!

Meet Our Team

Our team combines extensive knowledge, experience and understanding of the global recruitment and employment market.

Seb Robin (France)

COO & Chief of Strategy

Seb is the Chief Operations Officer at VeedoHire. He combines over 25 years experience in recruitment, business development and consulting in various service industries with international reach. He has built his expertise in solving key recruitment issues in 2008.

Vishal Samuel (India)


Vishal is the visionary mind behind VH and is the CEO of the company. A successful entrepreneur, he began developing the VH solution with smart algorithms after witnessing both hiring managers and job-seekers’ frustrations at the status quo of filling open positions.

Alexandra Boros (Europe)

Co Founder

Born in Romania and Spanish by heart, Alexandra is an International Business Strategist and Marketeer with extensive experience in partnerships who served world leading companies in different markets. Alexa accepted the challenge to embark on VH journey, driven by her passion to serve people and make magic happen by connecting them. VH seems to be the perfect combination between technology and AI, with the human touch, so she decided to join the leadership team.