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We help you find the right candidate.

The most pressing, yet unresolved challenge for the Recruiters is to find the right candidates. Our solution will help you find them right here.

VH for Employers

Successful Recruitment depends on finding the right candidates
and it starts with sourcing the right ones at the outset.

Finding candidates isn't an easy tasks. You spend a lot of time going through incomplete, outdated social media profiles. You get indebted with irrelevant applicants when you publish job offers. You spend a fortune outsourcing your candidate search.

"VH exists to save you time and money."

Stop advertising job offers if the volume of applicants is a burden or your software risks disqualifying fine candidates; instead set your criteria and shortlist those who match them. Stop transaction fees per hiring; pay a flat fee for the total number of people you plan on hiring in the year. .

Why VH?

Smart Recruiting

Match candidates with your criteria and confirm your choices from cover videos before you connect.Choose the
best fit.

Perfect Match

Spend your time only reviewing Candidates that match your criteria exactly. Refine your
criteria for even more
accurate search results.

Save Time

No more job offers to write and publish. No more CV and cover letters to read. No more time wasted on irrelevant

Save Money

Are you hiring up to 50, 200, or 500 people in a year? Stop transaction fees! With VH, pay an annual price to complete all of your annual hiring. You'll find the right candidates here!


At VH, CV are replaced by up to date profiles; and cover letters are replaced by cover videos. Combine your accurate candidate search with cover videos to make better decisions, faster.


Collaborate with your hiring team at every stage to make unbiased decisions; thus creating an inclusive, fair and more transparent candidate experience for jobseekers.